About SafeChain

SafeChain is a smart-contract vulnerability scanner and blockchain monitor designed to quickly find vulnerabilities in smart contracts and warn of any anomalies in blockchain tokens. Using SafeChain empowers businesses to take a proactive approach to security in blockchain.

SafeChain features


Fully automated scanner

Initiate fully-automated scans on contracts to detect known potential security vulnerabilities in code.

Analysis report

Generate detailed reports presenting all vulnerabilities found in your source code. The report includes the severity of vulnerabilities and suggestions on remediation.

Real-time alert

Constantly monitor and send alerts to users when detecting any anomalies in blockchain tokens.

Our Vision and Mission

SafeChain strives to provide automated security audits, thereby helping businesses and security teams discover vulnerabilities while saving time and efforts.

Meet the team

SafeChain is a product of CyStack - a leading cybersecurity company based in Vietnam. CyStack has been a reputable partner providing security applications and security managed services for many large and small businesses in Vietnam and around the world.